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FeedProtector has developed a complex system to offer Facebook Page Feedback Score Boost Services. This system allows you to never get your pages disabled again due to poor feedbacks received by your customers.

Whether it's for a quick boost or maintaining a high feedback score over time, we have the perfect solution for your needs.

Simple & Powerful

FeedProtector's Benefits

CPM Drops

A successful marketing plan relies heavily on the CPM, the cost to reach 1000 people. With a high CPM it'll cost more of your precious advertising budget to reach your customers and mean you lose out on precious sales! With a low feedback score (

We will bring those CPM's down to normal or better levels all because Facebook rewards their favourite advertisers, the more your audience/customers are engaged and enjoy your product the better Facebook deems your ads. It's a Win Win!

CTR Spike

The two things that will determine your CPP (cost per purchase) are CTR (click through rate) and conversion rate. As a direct result of your page receiving a good feedback score your ads are shown to a higher qualified audience, with a score above 4 often CTR can double as ads spike in optimisation!

Laser Targeted Audience

The minute your feedback score drops below 3 you are hit with a flood of poor, low quality traffic, swamped with customers who browse and don't buy and recieve lower tier buyers reducing your AOV.

With feedback score above 4 all this reverses, Facebook will reward your ad spend with laser like targeted traffic who pend more, return to the store and convert easier. Al while reducing ad costs, it's a game changer.

CPP Plummets

With higher CTR and higher conversion rates your cost to acquire a customer plummets. We typically see with high performing stores and high customer feedback scores as a result of FeedProtector receiving a $5-10 drop in customer acquisition costs!
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Our Pricing Plans


50+ Feedback
For Low Volume
Up to 1 Page
Priority Support
Skip Waiting List
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1,000+ Feedback
For High Volume
Up to 2 Pages
Priority Support
Skip Waiting List
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Save 20% Off
For Basic Scaling
Up to 4 Pages
Priority Support
Skip Waiting List
/  per two weeks
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Save 30% Off
For Aggressive Scaling
Unlimited Pages
Priority Support
Skip Waiting List
/  per WEEK
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years experience
feedback delivered
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Happy Customers All Around the World

“Vince provides a very professional service that I can recommend to everyone. I'm on my fourth subscription with them and the service is always impeccable.”
James S.
United states
“I am angry with myself for not having discovered FeedProtector sooner. I used to have a shop that brought me 6 figs pm and the page of this one got deactivated due to the feedback score. Since that day, I absolutely want to always have a high score on all my pages. I highly recommend FeedProtector for anyone who wants to scale to the moon!”
Victor D.
united kingdom
“FeedProtector est un essentiel si vous souhaitez scale sans soucis. Aucunes de mes pages se font bloquer depuis que je travail avec eux. Je recommande à 100%.”
Théophile G.
“FeedProtector is the solution if you want to make big numbers on your stores. With the arrival of Q4, it is essential for the survival of your business.”
Edward J.
united states
“I 100% recommend their feedback score boost service. They were able to boost my score from 1.2 to 4.1 very quickly. I’m so grateful, thank you so much!”
Tom P.
“Cheap. Efficient and fast. These are the three words that best describe FeedProtector. I recommend them to all my friends and with their affiliate program it is even better for everyone.”
Elena G.

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